Attention Cyclists!  You will want to try Podium Chamois Cream on your next long or short ride.  Launched in 2015, Podium has hit the market with positive reviews and good success. The logo clothing is almost as popular as the cream itself.  Way to Go!

We do not offer this product at Purest Products, but we highly recommend it and want to support their efforts in every way.  We know the product works to protect you in a natural, clean, and supportive way. No more smelly end of the ride experiences with Podium. No more chaffing and saddle sores.  Podium Web Site 

Congratulations to the inventor of Podium for Winning the HOO DOO 500 in Utah and also being a sponsor and rider in LOTAJA 2016, a race from  Logan , UT to Jackson Hole, WY.   He used PODIUM every peddle of the way... 

Check out the web site and stay awhile.

Congratulations Podium ... you reached for the win and you got it!