Birthing Be'Be, 15mL


There is a Blue Tansy shortage at this time worldwide.  When our current stock of Birthing Be'be is out, we cannot replenish until the new crop enters the European market. 

Used with tremendous success during labor and delivery with our Purest Products cool mist diffusor.  A perfect shower present.

Essential oils of Lavender, Blue Tansy, Roman Chamomile, and a hint of Clary Sage keep Mother and staff cool, calm, and collected.

Smells terrific.  Can be applied to back of neck and bottoms of feet during labor as well.


"My daughter in-law had a beautiful, healthy baby girl.  She used Birthing Be 'be during the labor and delivery.  Even the doctors and nurses enjoyed the scent."

"... thank you for such a wonderful product."  Peggy C.