Black Cumin, 1oz


Country of origin:  Egypt  Specie: Nigella Sativa     ORGANIC


An entire book could be written about Black Cumin, and in fact, it has.  The benefits of Black Cumin are remarkable.
We offer cold pressed and Organic.  The Egyptians used this oil for skin and hair care. No wonder they looked so beautiful. Great for any skin issue, alone or mixed with other oils and products.  Scientific studies indicate this oil is good for many other issues. is a good start for learning more about Nigella Sativa, Black Seed.

Wonderful when used in a hot bath to extract toxins from ones body.  Use one ounce of product, 3-4  cups of  Epsom salts and one cup of baking soda. Soak in hot water and these ingredients for one half hour.  You will feel wonderful.  After a short rest, you will need to clean the bathtub.  It will be dirty. Sorry 'bout that..


Color - Deep Amber/Dark
Odor - Characteristic with upper nutty tones
Acid Value - 0.6
Peroxide Value - Less then < 0.4
Saponification Value - 183-195
Iodine Valu e - 110-125
pH - 4.16

The Black Cumin from the last cold pressing in Egypt is a medium amber.  We can see this oil be very dark with reddish hues to medium amber in color.