New Model style, same great quality...

It's like having a new friend, one that you really like... in your home.  That's our cool mist diffusor with a 4 Hr.  on ten /off ten timer. No need to purchase an additional timer for this unit.  It's built in and works really well. Comes complete and ready to use.

One of the most beautiful and reliable diffusors available.  It is friendly with oil use and covers up to 2,000 sq feet of space.  The timer allows 10 minutes on and 10 off for four hours.  Then you can either re-set it by turning it off and back on, or leave it alone until your next use.  Included with the diffusor is always a 1oz bottle of delicious Lemon, Lime, and Clove Bud, which is not only 'yummy' and uplifting to smell, but a warrior against germs in the home or office.

The best present you can give to anyone!  Ever! Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Just Because...

So quiet you won't know it in use, yet powerful enough to make a real difference.