Do you ever just want to take a deep breath and Breathe?  Using this oil on your chest, on the back and body pressure points will make you feel better.

 Breathe replaces Breathe EZE/Easy and is as effective as other formulas I've offered for clearing the chest area.  Used to assist with any breathing issue that is contained in the nose or sinus area.  Good for allergies.  Not as effective if you have taken any form of de0congest over the counter products.

Contains essential oils of Bergamot, Lemon, Tea Tree, Pine Needle, and a dash of Eucalyptus.  Can be used on chest or bottoms of feet on the pulse points.

Just take a deep breath and Breathe .... Nice.  Use as often as necessary.  You might also like to try RESPIRE, which has the same type of action, but is gentle and yet stronger on the body.