Geranium Rose, 1oz


Country of origin: Madagascar  Specie:  Pelargonium roseum, also known as Bourbon  Organic

One of the most popular oils to stop hot flashes in a menopausal woman.  Worked for me in literal seconds when applied to the wrist pulse points.  Use a often as needed and for me, the hot surges, faded until they were no more.  A group of middle age woman in Georgia  were friends and sang in their church choir.  Sunday mornings were really fragrance in that church.  There was one ring leader for those ladies who kept the supplies coming, but we won't say who....right Deborah?  After all these years, she is still spreading the good word... Mary from, Kentucky spreads the word about this oil to keep insects and lice and chiggers away.  Her feeling is when there is enough on the skin and in ones system, the critters just crawl on by.  She has used it this way for years.  Ever seen a geranium plant eaten by insects?  Well, there is a reason for that.  Think about it. 

Used in many perfumes for it's beautiful rose scent, it is highly prized and expensive.  In the summer months, if I can find a rose geranium plant, I will purchase it solely for the leaves.  I take them and put them into 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 water..  I stuff a half gallon size Ball jar full of the leaves and cover with the liquid. I also like to use PUTI coconut vinegar and Rancho Gordo Pineapple Vinegar.  Close the top and place the jar in a dark place, almost always a cabinet, and leave for a month or more.  When that jar is opened, you feel transported somewhere else. The most beautiful smell you will ever know.  Try it yourself and see.