Gratitude, 10mL


Begin each day with Gratitude in your heart. You will love the NEW synergy GRATITUDE in a beautiful cobalt blue roller bottle. 10mLs of this luxurious blend of Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Myrrh, Lavender, and 10 other oils in a proprietary blend will make your heart sing.  Promise.  The roller bottle is high quality and should not leak.  Take Gratitude everywhere you go to remind you how very Blessed we all are.  Recently I took inventory of my belongings and my life.  I gave away or discarded anything and everything that I did not LOVE or that did not bring me JOY. Change will come to us all in various and different ways and patterns.  If we remain in sincere gratitude to all we are and all we have, life will be a constant place of right.