Hair, Skin, Nail Support


SKIN FOOD Hair Skin, Nail Support :

Everyone, every age dreams of healthy looking, shiny hair, nails, and skin.  I have always used the inside out approach to health.  If you are healthy on the inside, you hair, skin, and nails will reflect that.  If your hair is dry, your skin, dull, your nails, brittle and thin, then this product is one you will wan to use. Unlike other products that contain small amounts of active ingredients, you can always be certain that anything you purchase from Purest Products in our SKIN FOOD line contains maximum amounts.  Your success is our success.

Bottle contains 120 capsules.  One capsule per day. There is a three month supply in one bottle of product for one person.

Contents of each capsule: Vitamin E 30IU (100%), Folic Acid 100ug(25%),Biotin 1,000ug 333% along with ...

A proprietary Organic blend of Ascophyllum nodsum(kelp), Equisetum arvnse(Horsetail) herb,Rosa canina(Rosehip) Fruit, Cucubita pepo(Pumpkin) Seed, Silybum marianum (milkthistle) Seed, Calendula officinalis Flower, Viola tricolor(Pansy) leaf and flower.