Helichrysum, 15mL

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Country of origin:  Madagascar  Specie:  angustifolium  Organic

Many years ago the 'big pharm' companies placed contracts on all of the helichrysum crops grown in Europe.  This caused a stir in the industry. Helichrysum grown in Madagascar, its original location, became our go to place for this oil.  In Europe, this oil has a different profile and is called Italium.  When it was taken to Europe from Madagascar, it developed a different scent due to weather and growing conditions.  In Madagascar, we call the specie angustofolium which means (long leaf plant).  The profiles of the two helichrysums are very different, but both seem to work in the same manner. For a long time, the species grown in Madagascar was more inexpensive, but now that is not the case as the plants are more scarce because of high demand.

We can trace our helichrysum source because it has been grown in the same place (wild and untouched) for years.  The man who owns and lives on the property uses the funds from the sale of the plant to feed and take care of his family for 6 months.  Pretty amazing.

 Excellent for pain, muscle and joint and bruising. Some have said this oil, when applied down the eustation tube on the outside of the body, assists in better hearing over time.