Lavender, high altitude France 15mL


Country of Origin:  France  Specie:  Lavendula vera (High Altitude)

Lavender grown in a high altitude is what we offer.  Nothing short of the most beautiful, raw, unaltered oil you will ever smell.  Nothing has been done to change it's original scent.  The soil and cooler weather in the higher regions of France make a difference in the odor of the plant material.

While we are seeing more and more Lavender grown right here in the USA, I've not found any of the offerings that are truly single specie.  Single specie means that no other specie of the particular plant is grown within 40 miles.  This is the flight distance for bees, etc.  In Squin, WA and some parts of Idaho, we have beautiful Lavender fields, but they are not single specie that I have found.  We are told that one day, obtaining oils from Europe will be more and more difficult, we hope not.

We have strong confidence in this essential oil for calming nerves to dabbing on a skin blemish.  This Lavender is used in all of our blends containing lavender.  And, it is organic and guaranteed to be therapeutic.

Should you choose high altitude from France or Bulgaria lavender?  The choice is only yours to make.  The lavender from Bulgaria is a softer scent, but for me, works exactly the same.

Try putting dried lavender blossoms into your next shortbread cookie recipe.  Delicious.