Description: Country of Origin:  India  Specie: Azadirachta

Neem Seed CO2  ExtractionTotal India is far better than ordinary cold pressed Neem seed. More of the natural components of the biomass are extracted so the CO2, while more expensive, is a better representation of the plant.  Neem Seed CO2 is not an attractive aroma. Though it has a natural smell it has some of the off notes associated with onion, garlic and cumin. These are naturally occurring sulfur containing compounds that actually contribute to the therapuetic benefit of the material.

Neem is good for a tooth and gum aid (brushing) or along with our Natural Shine Toothpaste.  It is also used as a insect repellent. Can be used in any pure, non scented cream...our product, The Gift, as well as mixed with a carrier oil such a grapeseed.