Oregano, 15ml


Country:  Bulgaria  Specie:  Origanum vulgare


MUST HAVE for your grab 'n go bag or first aid kit.  Keep a 15mL bottle of Oregano with you for viral and bacterial infections.  Can be added to China Blend, ImmuBoost Ext. or Body Guard for more uumph.  If taken alone as a single internally, be sure to dilute and use a gel capsule.

 Over the years, I find that people have bought one and kept one "just in case".   I'd rather use Oregano personally before any anti-biotic. but then, that's just me and I'm not telling you to do this.

Just were bitten by a wasp or bee?  Put a drop of oregano on the spot and within just a few seconds, all pain is GONE!  Yes, it's true!