Firming Eye, 15ml SALE

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SKIN FOOD - Firming Eye, 1oz 

Want to reverse that appearances under and around your eyes?  Drooping a little around your mouth and lips? 

This has been my go to product for over 16 years even when I don't wear other products or make-up.  BUT, when we can do better, we do better and we make upgrades.  You will love our new formula which will combine more active ingredients, more gentleness to the skin, and finer results...if you ever thought that was possible. 

Use just a pea size amount under eyes, around eyes and lips.  Use in the morning after washing your face or anytime before or after applying make-up.  Perfect to use with SKIN FOOD Daily Lotion that has active ingredients in a serum type product.  Combing two products into one.

Rose Damascas, Rose flower water, Ivy, ginseng, and sambucus extracts help to firm, tone, and protect the delicate eye area. Cornflower water, seaweed extract, and rose hydrolat boost skin repair while helping to soothe and further tone, providing elasticity to the skin. Rich in bioflavonoids ginkgo biloba, green tea, and milk thistle are highly purifying, soothing moisturizing agents along with chamomile extract, reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet. A natural preservative, vitamin E increases skin elasticity, strengthens capillaries and helps nourish cells; especially smoothing for dry skin conditions.

Use in the morning before or after applying any makeup. Just a pea size drop will work best.