Ylang Ylang Extra, 15mL


Country of origin: Madagascar   Specie:  Canaga odorate genuine  Organic


Harvested early in the morning before sunrise, the Ylang flower is one of the most fragrant we distill in essential oils from.  The flower goes through a first distillation and we call this Ylang Ylang Extra.  Then another and we call this Fine.  Then another and we call this Complete because it is a mixture of distillations 1,2, and 3.  There can be a 4th and 5th distillation from this beauty of nature, but we, personally, do not use those. The amazing oil we use comes from a very small grower in Madagascar. We have used him for years and years.

"My son lived in Saipan for many years and this flower grows wild there, too.  His little four year old, Talya, wears the Ylang flower in her hair.  Native women soak the fresh flowers in vegetable oil  for several weeks. Then they use the oil on their hair, their skin and in other products. Very lovely."