In order to avoid contracting C-19, I have decided to stay in my home until May 1, 2020. Orders that are placed during this time will be filled in the order they were received at that time. I hope my customers will choose to also do the same... stay home.  Be well, stay well, and most of all, let us be in appreciation for all we have. This, too, will pass.  I am available to take your calls and emails during the next month. Phone either 207-6770166 or 803-7323646.  Email me:  I will respond to all within a short time.

Thank you so much for your continued support.  I support you right back.  Toni van Gils

Welcome to Purest Products and thank you for sharing time with us. We are an established, privately owned  and debt free company that provides  essential oils in single specie and synergistic combinations.  Offering only  the highest quality therapeutic  essential oils that are raw, unaltered, single specie, and effective is what we do. We are able to trace our oils from seed to bottle because of our long term association with those who first brought essential oils into the United States in 1982. We also offer an exclusive line of skin care without harmful ingredients and unnecessary additives or fillers.

Additionally, Purest Products is one of only a few companies in the US that produces custom phyto-aromatherapy. These formulas of essential oils in combination with French herbal tinctures can be a real boost to your daily regime of staying well. They are unique.

We offer personal formulation, private labeling services at prices you can afford, and private consulting.  If you are a small company who is thinking of producing your own essential oil product line with exclusive formulations at prices you can afford, we are good people to work with.

Purest Products is looked after in a setting that is serene and joyful.  We are deeply appreciative for the loyal support we receive from our customers. New people find us in various ways, although we do not advertise.  My staff and I  look to the future with a steadfast desire to assist you in any way that we are able. We strive to be helpful.  We will take the time to understand your circumstances and consult with you. 

Deliberately remaining a small, personal company has made this possible.  We are real people doing our best to make a real difference in the world... one drop of oil at a time... one product at a time. 

We welcome you to walk on the path with us ...