How We Began ...

Purest Products was established  after we  worked for two large companies in the international essential oil arena. In the late 1990's and early 2000's essential oils were beginning to be more widely known in the US.  However, many people had yet to hear of them or use them.  When it became clear that MLM companies wanted to market essential oils using a lot of hype, over stretched-truths, pushy sales tactics, and unrealistic health stories with promises ... we became painfully aware that this environment was not for us. 

We resolved then that no large  company that had monthly pay backs to customers could maintain the highest quality of oils while adhering to authentic therapeutic standards. How could these companies function if they did not sell, sell, sell? Not enough selling each month ... no way to pay out to customers.  Possibly, a small, unpretentious company could however, reach the goal of highest quality oils at fair prices with no upselling of product.  So, Purest Products came  into the world with a small cry and great hope.

Why is Purest Products here after all these years? We love what we do!  We remain deliberately focused on customer service.  We offer the highest quality essential  oils that can be found. We also offer other exclusive items for body care. We can trace our oils from seed to bottle.  And, just like you, people find us and then, we work together.  Our essential oils are genuine, raw, unaltered, single specie, and therapeutic, Just like it was dreamed they would be. We are available to consult with you through emails and phone calls.  We don't have sales goals to maintain, so we don't  upsell you products that you do not need, nor have you use more oils than are necessary.   

When you call for information, you reach an experienced voice on the other end.  Someone who can help you understand how to use the oils properly. You will not be speaking into a call center with a person who is reading from a script, nor talking to a person who may not even use the products you want to order.

Even today, we still pack most of the web driven orders while supporting a team effort in the private labeling and manufacturing area.  We welcome you to be part of who and what we are.  We strive to be old fashioned enough to know our customers, yet modern enough to be competitive. We always stay in appreciation for you, and wish for you the best of everything.  We truly believe that appreciation is at the heart of every success story.

Our image has come to be a large rock carin.  We built one at the front entrance to Purest Products.  It reminds us to stay on the correct path.  This is why we do what we do ... for you and along with you.  Purest Products is here to point in the right direction.

We have been likened to that secret garden that you find quite unexpectedly, but return to again and again.  We like this very much.

Toni van Gils and The Purest Products Family