Co-void Me,1oz


Our mystical friend is a great way to scare aware visuses and flu, but perhaps you might consider using Co-void ME instead.  Black Cumin is a powerful, mostly overlooked essential oil that super supports the body and its immune system. Oregano and Thyme, raw and organic essential oils are my two favorites for doing the same. Combined with Ashwaganda french mother tincture, you have a powerful, already mixed safely combination for using during the upcoming winter season. The Covid virus with its variants will never go away, they tell us, so stay aware of your  over all immune system. Combined with ImmuBoost taken everyday during the winter months, you have good protection. Each is safe to take for three months every day. 

Ashwaganda needs to be understood as one of the best fighters we have in a tincture. It has been known to remove stress and anxiety, Lower blood sugar, increase muscle strength, sharpens memory and focus and support heart health. When a body is stressed, it just hurts more where ever your weakness is.  For me, it is my hip. When I feel any stress, my hip hurts and aches more. 

I take this internally half a dropper full each day, but of course, I cannot tell you to do this...and I won't. Muscle test with your body to see if this combination is right for you.  Don't know how to muscle test, give me a call at 803.7323646 and leave your call back info. You will hear from me.

During the month of November through December 15th, when you order Co-Void Me, 10z , you will receive a Free one ounce bottle of pure French Ashwaganda tincture when your complete order is $50 or more before shipping.