Frankincense Oman, Sacred 15mL


Country of origin:  Oman    Organic


Such a very precious and beautiful oil.  I have never used Frankincense internally for any reason.  I know some companies are encouraging people to do this, but I would not do it personally or recommend that to anyone else.  Wisdom is needed when you begin to use essential oils.  IF you are using a company to source your oils that is MLM, they will need to sell over the course of 30 days to make the pay outs.  This mean you could be using a lot more oils than you need or than your body wants, and for thousands of dollars out of pocket.  I know I could find a better use for my money...Tvg

This essential oil is highly effective and should work perfectly applied externally as often as needed.  Specific health issues  require different usage, so please feel free to call

803.7323646 and talk with Toni if you need to.