Glistening Butter,4oz jar


SKIN FOOD Glistening Butter, 4oz

Our newest and most interesting product is Glistening Butter.  A generous 4 oz portion of this Blue Tansy essential oil filled cream  will have you feeling good and looking good.  Blue Tansy with it's alluring blue color has the ability to uplift, calm and of course, heal. If you are feeling down, emotionally spent, or just want a pick me up with healing properties, this cream is for you.

Personally, I love it and find that using it several times a day simply makes me happy to have it available.  All of the active ingredients that are good for your skin are:

Going to be right here soon.  Please check back. I'm making sure I have the list correctly in order.

Purest Products SKIN FOOD line of products are luxurious, effective, and of the highest standards and quality.  We are so proud to offer these one of a kind products to you and your family.