SKIN FOOD CREAM, 1oz cream


SKIN FOOD CREAM - The abundance of antioxidant ingredients in this formula will deeply penetrate the skin to help facilitate healing and resurfacing for a healthy, vibrant skin tone. Good for all skin types.  For skin that is aging or that has been damaged or is blemished.  Terrific for those fine lines above the lips.  Skin Food re-balances and brightens the skin without using harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients. Using this is like have a facial over time... and less expensive!

My daughter Jennifer and her fiiance, Steve are in their forties.  They have been using SKIN FOOD Skin Care for several years.  The glowing skin shows. 

If you want to go without any makeup during the day, apply this product and out you go.  I often do this and people never know I don't have on any make-up.  Over time, your skin is glowing and shiny and has color from health.

Ingredients: Vit. A,green tea, grape seen extracts assist to firm, calm and protect. Milk Thistle, yucca, St. John's Wart, Orange Ext, encourage a balance in the skin and a cleansing of pores. Trace elements of zinc, iron, magnesium, copper and manganese.

Use one pump or less evening or morning after you wash or cleanse your face. Absorbs quickly without greasy feeling. Can be used along with Skin Food Daily Lotion, if you like for double action, or alone. I call this my relaxing product because when I don't want to take a lot of time, I use my Eye Cream and Skin Food Cream on my face and neck.  Out the door I go.  This product makes any age skin look amazing when used daily..  Promise!