What To Do When Antibiotics Don't Work

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OUT OF PRINT ...  BUT WE HAVE A FEW LEFT...during November and December of 2019, I am offering this timeless book for the cost of shipping.  I want everyone to have one that wants one!

With only have a small quanity left. 'What to do When' contains over 50 recipes using essential oils and herbal tinctures. Discover the secrets of assisting the most frequently occuring infectious issues naturally without antibiotics. Use essential oils and tinctures in a fast, reliable way. Based on research in France ongoing and for the past 45 years.  This is a "must have" addition to any holistic, natural library.


Step by step instructions that will produce products to assist all areas of health increase. Easy reading, with very specific, valuable instructions.

You will reference this book again and again.  Also provides the history or aromatherapy, how it began and where it has gone.  I have always felt this book was a treasure and could help in times of emergency to make people feel well.  Over the years, I have used it as a reference guide.  I encourage everyone to have one.  I will send out one per envelope, but order as many as you want.  I will even be happy to drop ship if you send me the address you want.  A perfect gift for anyone who loves herbal, natural healing.